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Good day!
it's a Credit Day and time to Summarize)
You may find the list of questions on the Assessment page.
Join Socrative Student Application to complete a CALL LECTURES test.
Be able to present your blog to get the credit)
Good Luck!

четверг, 23 ноября 2017 г.


Well, it's a credit day and time to summarize!)
Here is the list of blogs) they are top-13, scan them and be able to choose the best ones in the surveys
1) Анна Назарова
2) Вадим Воеводин
3) Анна Панфилович
4) Анна Чикмарева
5) Никита Сироткин
6) Кристина Шклярова
7) Катя Карпенко
8) Лера Синякова
9) Ксения Черетун
10) Антон Куцепалов
11) Тамара Трошко
12) Мария Еремеева
13) Наталья Дировская

I'd like all of you to leave your reflections about the course (everything: content, teaching and assessment methods, and other things) on the REFLECTION BOARD: just create a note and stick it to the board (click twice anywhere on the board, create a message and save it) feel free to write everything you'd like, be sincere (you even might do it anonymously)

пятница, 8 сентября 2017 г.

2017/2018 Seminars Session

I'm happy to greet newcomers!
Let you get great experience in using technologies for language teaching and learning)
Feel OK to surf the blogs of your groupmates and leave comments!
Happy CALL learning!

    понедельник, 5 декабря 2016 г.


    Well, today's our last seminar. And it's high time to summarize. 

    1.Follow this link to leave your reflection ideas about the course "Computer Assisted language Learning" (click twice anywhere on the wall, create a message and save it). Please, be sincere expressing your regards (you may do it anonymously)  

    2. Scan these blogs (they are top-13) and get ready to choose "The most ... blog" in the survey

    1. Светлана Болт https://englishsvetabolt.blogspot.com/?m=0
    2. Дарья Сулима http://englishsul.blogspot.com/?m=1
    3. Анна Перлина https://englishfornewopportunities.blogspot.com/?m=1
    4. Диана Сидорович http://introductionhelloenglish.blogspot.com/
    5. Лизавета Стрункова https://englishisthebessst.blogspot.com/
    6. Светлана Абрамова https://roxanaabramova.blogspot.com/
    7. Алина Гончарова https://learnavel.blogspot.com/
    8. Маша Крупкевич http://helloenglish2018krupkevich.blogspot.com/
    9. Анна Косенко https://amazingenglish4u2.blogspot.com/
    10. Даша Печанькова https://englishpechenka.blogspot.com/
    11. Настя Филимонова https://freedom4english.blogspot.com/
    12. Женя Летяго happyeslife.blogspot.com 
    13. Давид Латышевич fridayse.blogspot.com
    14. Саша Смольская https://esanechka.blogspot.com/
    15. Алина Бондаренко https://bonditravels.blogspot.com
    16. Даша Клиндюк https://liveandlearnhoney.blogspot.com/
    17.Юлия Цыганкова https://pickupspeakup.blogspot.com
    18. Виктория Довыденко englishwithvika.blogspot.com

    Follow the link to participate in the survey:


    понедельник, 28 ноября 2016 г.


    1. Watch the video and formulate the main principles of MALL

      2. QR-code. Study the presentation. In your blog share your ideas of using QR-code in language teaching / learning

    3. Quizlet. Create flashcards on any topic, publish the link in your blog



    Augmented reality: Aurasma Studio



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